The Make Peace With Food Approach

Helping you change your relationship with food, and ultimately yourself.

Don't let self-sabotage and stress destroy your attempts at getting healthy anymore.

You'e been in a battle with food and your body for years. You've tried a lot of programs and diets, avoiding and depriving (followed by bingeing) with some success but always end up falling back into old habits and gaining even more weight than before. You continue to sabotage your efforts but have no idea why or how to stop it.

I can help you get out of this cycle and finally Make Peace With Food (and overcome emotional/binge/stress eating) with a proven smiple to implement 4-step system that connects your mind, body & soul so you can change your relationship with food once and for all.

This is for you if:

You know what to do to be healthy, but you just can't stick to good habits or ignore the call of the chip bag (ice cream, chocolate bar).

You don't recognize the woman you see in the mirror anymore. You used to be so much fun, happier, thinner, free. Now you feel trapped, fat, and miserable.

You love food. You think you love it too much. You really do hate the idea of depriving yourself, but you want to eat the stuff you want to eat, feel good about it, lose weight on it, and go back to enjoying yourself when you go out.

On the outside it seems like you've got it together, but inside you're full of self-loathing.

You're tired of the judgement - from yourself and others - and just want to feel heard and learn how to change you relationship with food (and yourself) for the better.

Can you afford to ignore this any longer?

Your eating habits are really beginning to affect you in a lot of areas. You're gaining weight which makes you feel worse because you can't stand looking in the mirror and all your favourite clothes no longer fit.

You dread social events because of how you look and feel, you don't trust yourself around food and you're no longer the fun and free woman you used to be.

You really don't want to be doing this anymore but have no idea where to start - all the information out there is so overwhelming.

In Make Peace With Food we'll work together where I coach you as if you're a VIP client of mine and help you control your cravings, invite in mindful eating, help you to stop numbing out with food and help you better understand the reasons why you're in a war with food. 

Judgement free, meal plan free, calorie counting free! 

"I LOVED the video series." 

The videos were definitely straightforward and something I could follow along with.  

All of the concepts are basic things that, obviously with some work, can be incorporated into my day-to-day life. It actually simplified all of the things I've been trying to accomplish with the other reading I've done. 

It's a more straightforward plan to focus on the small goals as opposed to that big end goal. That was key for me! 

I also loved that you talked about the hormones. Something that gets overlooked way too often and the relentless rituals.  

Made me realize that a lot of what I do in the evening is out of line with what I want to accomplish.

- Heather Johnstone

"Great Content"

The videos stress a much better way of looking at weight loss than counting points and loosing wieght.

- Stephanie 

"Helped With My Triggers"

I found it very helpful to bring the focus to mindfulness, consciousness and looking at the triggers and emotions, instead of the usual shakes, pills, and elimination game.

- Cheryl 

What's Included:

A Deep Dive Into Your Habits where you will learn why you haven't been able to successfully stop on the war with food and control your cravings.  

A Step by Step Set Of Practical Tools to help you get better results, and stop allowing those sneaky sabotages to take over once and for all.  

Easy to Follow Tips that you can implement right away to help you change the way you think and feel about food and your body.  

Three Amazing Bonus Videos on how to tie it all together, how your hormones can affect you and your 911 Plan for when you're having an "in the moment" craving.

What's Not Included:

Judgement, shame, meal plans, calorie or point counting, recipes, or guilt.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: Why don't you include recipes or meal plans?

Answer: Because you already know what to eat. You don't need another complicated meal plan that you may feel bad for failing at. After coaching hundreds of women, I know that it's time for a new approach and that doesn't involve looking at the food, but your mindset, habits and beliefs.

Question: What if I can't start the videos right away?

Answer: No worries, you will have unlimited access to the video series which you can complete at your own pace.

Question: Why $24.99

Answer: This is a great questions, why so low? I wanted to create a product that everyone would be able to access and make lasting shifts in their lives.

Question: What If I Have Questions?

Answer: Reach out! I love hearing from my community. You can join our Facebook group here and engage with our other members and tag me with questions!

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